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Marketing Magic is a year of marketing accountability & idea coaching in your inbox

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Meet your unicorn copy coach… direct to your inbox

Hey, I’m Crystal!
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Word Magician. Copywriter. NYTimes bestselling Ghostwriter and badass book coach

I take businesses, just like yours, and make them millions each year using my Quantum Copy Method.And now, for the first time EVER, I’m making it accessible to you with Marketing Magic.

This is a less-talk, more-action experience for coaches, business owners and love-to-launch-lads-and-lasses who crave accountability from a copy coach and marketing strategist (*ahem* that’s me!) to make sure your marketing magic is on-point.

Each and every week you’ll get my personal tips, tricks and marketing ideas for your business and by simply hitting ‘reply’ you’ll stay accountable and get my personal support.

Me. Personally. Copywriter coach in your inbox.

How the magic works:


Every single Friday for 52 weeks, I’ll share some copywriting and marketing wisdom you can actually use and ask you 3 questions to keep your marketing magical and making you money.


Then the tough part – you have to spend approx 5-mins per week hitting ‘reply’ and answering my email.


I’ll hit ‘reply’ right back and respond personally, giving you the wisdom, wit and wild advice you need to ensure your marketing is magic-filled and money-making.

This is a Mastermind without wasting time, energy or bandwidth on another Zoom you dread.

It’s a paid accountability coach without any fluff or fuss but with copy hacks, inspiration and magic to amplify your messaging and marketing.

How it works is simple:

By reflecting on what you’ve done and committing to what you’ll do – you’re moving the needle. Stuck? You’ve got a copywriting coach and marketing strategist in your inbox, waiting to hear from you. Over the year, each Friday I’ll shoot you an email with a quick copy hack, marketing idea, or tool you can use to catalyze your business. 

You’ll be inspired to learn:

Solopreneur or leader of the pack

we all need new fresh ideas, a swift push in the right direction and a copy cheerleader to elevate our offers along the way…

Now you do. In your inbox. Weekly.

For a whole year!
Now, you know what Marketing Magic is,

let’s talk about what it isn’t:

But, if you need more… there are paid ways.

I regularly copy coach 1:1 ($3k/mth), host copy audits ($250/30min), can do a strategy session ($350/60mins), host book writing retreats across the globe ($2500+), or work 1:1 actually writing your copy (starts at $2500+).

This isn’t that. 

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This is the accountability and inspiration of a copy coach (that’s me!) so you keep marketing yourself and actually making money… every. single. week.

Marketing Magic isn’t for you if: