Copywriter. Word Magician. Story Supercharger.

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Crystal Adair-Benning

Hey! I’m Crystal

I could recite all of my badass resume highlights but, let’s face it – you’re not here for that. You want to know that I can actually do the job, which is write copy for you that heats up your leads and builds community.

Turns out, I’m pretty darn good at that.

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Crystal and Fern

I’m best known for not being known at all

A secret weapon Copywriter I make people, just like you, centre-stage and your clients total rockstars when they work with you.

With a background in Live Events, Marketing, PR, and Media my strategy is more real world proof and practice than theory. Always keen to think outside the book and push envelopes, I’m the girl who loves to play detective and take aim straight at the heart of readers.

When not writing (so, like 2.2 secs a day) I can be found chilling with dog, or dimples-for-days husband on some crazy awe-inspiring hike OR jet-setting the globe dreaming up your brand vision and how we launch you to the world (or at least your dream clients).

Now, if you wanna be my bestie, you probably ought to know:

Every Copywriter has a speciality.

It’s the projects and people that light us up like the north star!

Here are my North Star clients:

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rebels, misfits and disruptors

with a powerful message that needs amplification

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clients who appreciate and respect that the internet and their ideas move fast,

and want a copywriter who can create quickly… Word Magic.

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long term dreamers and doers

who need a brand voice and execution through full strategy and funnel planning.

I work best with clients who are seeking a strong, savvy and sometimes sassy brand voice to guide their client journey.
Oh, and who are ready for – because your copy shouldn’t take months.

Stay wild. Write more. Change the World.

That’s my motto.


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