Coaches, are you struggling to get in front of your dream client?

I've got a free video training to help you conquer your copy

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My name is Crystal

and I’ve been a Coach and a Copywriter.

I know the power of Coaching.
Every single person deserves to live a life of freedom, full expansion and joy. Coaching is the fastest way to freedom. The accelerated path to #livingmybestlife on Instagram and at the dinner table without embarrassing myself dancing on TikTok (#iykyk).

If only your dream clients could actually find you

The Coaching Industry is overwhelmed with poorly written bro-copy that triggers the trauma your clients are working to resolve to unleash their unconscious fight, flight or freeze response leaving you both #hanginginthere.

So many Coaches get tongue-tied and gut-twisted over writing compelling copy. They want to stand out (but not too much). They want to connect (but focus on pain over pleasure). They want to help people (but don’t have trust).

The solution, dear Coach,
is better copy

The kind of copy that speaks to your clients model of the world in a way that makes them lean in and want more.

Where your client feels that jolt of pleasure down their spine, hears their unconscious screaming “yes”, and tastes the sweet success of finally, finally, FINALLY getting out of their own way!

It’s called The Pleasure Principle.

And, frankly, it’s my secret-sauce to making Coaches absolute life-changing freedom-flag waving rockstars in their clients lives.

Copy is the first experience a client has to see you, feel you, connect with you. It’s where rapport is built and where cold connections become warm (or hot!) clients.
Don’t you want to work with clients you adore?
Of course you do! It’s time.

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better copy

Copy For Coaches is for you if:

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You want to know how Pro Copywriters create content quickly and easily

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You want to lean into the “pleasure principle” with your clients

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You are absolutely tired of only having your mom and about 3 random Facebook friends like and comment on your social posts.

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Your ideal client is begging to work with you… they just can’t find you.

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You're ready to make money with ease and flow

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You want to stop sounding desperate, needy or triggering in your marketing

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You have a super solid touchdown-scoring happy dance ready for every single client you are going to serve... starting with better copy

You could hire a Copywriter…


Simply watch my FREE 60 minute video revealing the exact Quantum Copy Method I use with my high-paying copy clients that reveals their dazzling results, gets them sought-after as experts, and has extensive waitlists for their transformational work. 

You’ve got lives to change – can you spare 60-minutes to serve even more people?

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Here’s what I’ll be sharing in Copy For Coaches

And, of course there’s a bonus…

Just for investing your valuable time in watching this video and challenging yourself to upgrade, up level and serve even more people… I’ve made a sweet offer hidden inside the video and only inside the video.

Grab it and get watching – you won’t want to miss this!

My regular clients pay me thousands to write copy that converts. If you’re not there (yet!) this is your quick-start solution to immediately upgrade your copy, make more money and convert your dream lead to dream client.

Call me Wild

but I want Coaches to succeed so much that I’m doing whatever it takes to get my wisdom to you… which means I’m giving away my copywriter secrets.

There is over $15,000 in value packed into this program that normally goes for $597USD (or higher!) but I want to change the world and I know supporting Coaches is the way to create massive impact so I’m giving away Copy for Coaches absolutely FREE via video-on-demand.

Let’s face it… we all could use more compassion, more kindness and copy that shows the world our L-O-V-E and makes us
M-O-N-E-Y, am I right?

That’s right. All 60 minutes of my Copy For Coaches for FREE.

All you’ve got to do is register which also gets you in on my Copy or Tea? newsletter jam-packed with copy converting tools and tips.

Whether you know me or not, we’re about to be copy besties

I’ve built a two-decade long career as the secret-weapon copywriter for Coaches, Fit Pros, the Event & Travel Industry, Tech Start Ups and Educational Disruptors.

I’m also an evolved NLP Coach who had to figure out exactly why coaches struggled to bring in their dream clients so often. It’s simple – your copy doesn’t connect to them.

Let’s change all of that.

Coaches are often born of the trauma we overcame. Our story becomes our message to our readers. If we deny our own story, we feel lost and misaligned. When the story connects, your clients feel you, hear you, get you. It’s your magic and nobody else on this earth can do it quite like you.

If you’re a badass Coach looking to finally connect to your dream client consistently, make more money and spend less time working on your business than in your business.

You already know what’s standing in your way of changing lives as a Coach and it’s your copy. Make it irresistible.

Copy for Coaches

teaches you the exact methodologies, tools and tricks I use to create copy for my clients.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to hire a Copywriter but weren’t there (yet!) this is your inside scoop on how I do what I do for some of the best Coaches on the planet… and you can too.

I’ll see you there!

PS – If you’re thinking “there’s no way I can watch a 60 minute video, Crystal”. This isn’t your grade school teacher’s powerpoint. I’m more like that sexy Uni prof with the messy hair from last night’s party, a potty mouth and attitude. We’re going to have F-U-N and you’re going to need extra pens and paper. It’s a course requirement.

PPS – I’m not kidding about the extra pens. I’ve got stock in Sharpie and I’m planning on seeing a trade spike.

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copywriting for coaches

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