Hi, I’m Crystal

Creative copywriter and coach for rebels, misfits and world-changing humans

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It shouldn’t take months to turn your big dreams into copy reality

It’s time you take the pleasure principle of copy to heart and meet your clients on sacred copy ground to deliver yourself, your service, or your world-changing product as the solution to their needs.

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Copy for coaches
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Copy For Coaches

You can’t change lives if the people who need you most can’t find you. Let’s change that. 

Copy For Coaches will help you master the principles of my proven Quantum Copy Method so you can attract the right clients with brilliant offers that actually make you $$$. 

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My Name is Crystal

I’m a Copywriter, copy rule-breaker, and leader of heart-based copy that your client craves, relates to, and actually reads

That’s the good stuff.
It’s what I do.

FAST. Like supercharged magic fast. Because your big bold ideas shouldn’t sit on a shelf for months before changing the world.

It’s time you and your message got the recognition it deserves

Instead of trusting an agency that’ll take months to craft copy, how about we do it in days… like, 2 days. My magic moves quickly (because yours does too)

Content Curators

Workshop your copy monthly with the Word Magician herself. This monthly Membership is perfect for those wanting insider tips, tricks and tools.


3x NYTimes Bestselling Ghostwriter and your 'secret' weapon to crafting your next bestseller.


What I'm best known for - the art of blending science and spirit to craft copy that connects, converts & catalyzes at ⚡ speed.

Book coaching

From inspiration to book in only 90-days. Discover the secrets of a bestselling Ghostwriter & creator of the Quantum Copy Method.


One full day of your copy meets my undivided attention... oh, the magic we will create. Offered virtually or in person. Write on!

My Origin Story

I once wore powersuits and planned luxury events across the globe for incredible people and companies. Secretly, I was writing books for brilliant badasses and turning them into bestsellers.

Turns out, I’m pretty darn good at both but writing makes me smile more.

I’m best known for not being known at all. A secret weapon Ghostwriter, catapulting clients’ bestsellers to stage-making stardom.

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What others are saying

Are you wondering if I’ve put my tips, tricks and secrets into practice with actual rebels, misfits and game-changing humans?
The answer… OF COURSE!

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