Word Magic Courses

Learn to write your own magic with me as your guide

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WM_Brand Mark_Sparkle_White on Transparent

Learn how to write copy, market your business and create content for your ideal clients that communicates in a way that makes them listen.

Quantum Copy Revolution

Rewrite the rules of copywriting and rediscover the power of genuine human connection in sales. Say farewell to the soulless clutches of AI and welcome an era where your dream clients eagerly click 'Buy,' driven by deep emotional bonds that AI can only dream of replicating.

Make Copy Your B*tch!

Unleash the power of pint-sized (5-min/wk) marketing emails, serving up bite-sized wisdom to transform your copy, and watch in awe as your bottom line undergoes a makeover that's anything but small.

Copy for Coaches

My regular clients pay me thousands to write copy that converts. If you’re not there (yet!) this is your quick-start solution to immediately upgrade your copy, make more money and convert your dream lead to dream client.