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Empowering Rebels, Misfits & World-Changing Humans to write the dang thing

(in a way that totally aligns and beckons clients like a sultry siren)

Using the Quantum Copy Method
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Quantum Copy Queen, Crystal Adair-Benning, captivates a crowd with her science meets spiritual connection to writing copy (that actually calls in clients).

Her talks are focused on tangible solutions to writing pleasurable, desirable, joyful copy that connects, converts and catalyzes conversation.

Wildly transformative, Crystal’s talks inspire others to write copy that stands out, connecting deeply to the unconscious and conscious mind and fall in love with writing.

You’ll never look at copy the same…
You can thank her later.

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Better than YELP…

What Event Pros Are Saying

Shauna Arnott

Shauna Arnott

Every chance I get to speak with Crystal is like unlocking doors I didn’t even know existed. She’s constantly learning, updating and creating compelling content that audiences consistently love. I’d hire her for a stage, a podcast or anywhere her genius copy light can truly shine.

Karan Nijhawan

Karan Nijhawan

Having Crystal speak in Mexico at my high level business Coaching event was a true treat. She truly listened to the audience, offered wonderful insight, and gave activities that were gamechanging to everyone in the room.

Kady Romagnuolo

Kady Romagnuolo

What can I say about the Word Magician that hasn’t already been said? She’s just got a way of teaching the art of copy that truly gives people these massive ‘aha’ moments. I love watching people when she speaks. Their bowled over, loving it and scribbling notes as fast as their hands will let them.


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