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It's how legends come to life.

Discover how a little bit of Word Magic changes everything…

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Copywriting with Quantum Copy Revolution

For big ideas that can’t wait
quantum copywriting method

Challenge the status quo and create highly converting copy rooted in personal identity, belief systems and personality types married with copywriting linguistic cheat codes.

Copy that’s magically complete in 2-days, not months.
Your big ideas move fast. So do I.

Copy you can relate to and connect with:


‘Someday’ turns into ‘never’ mighty quick. If writing a book is on your bucketlist, it’s time we made this dream a reality.

I’ve been the ghostwriter and book coach behind several NYTimes bestsellers, crafting stories that don’t just connect – they sell.

I specialize in personal development, coaching, business and legacy books.

It’s time your expertise was written down… so it lasts forever.

Someday is today.

Book Coaching

From dream to reality in just 90 days

This is your supercharged catalyst to writing the book you’ve been dreaming about. Unleash it with Quantum Copy Revolution wisdom and a NYTimes Bestselling Ghostwriter as your Coach.

Marvel at your words across the page as you write your book in just 90-days.

Perfect for the self-published or those seeking a Publisher. The process includes not just writing but guidance on publishing, marketing and promoting your written work.

Writing VIP Days

You + Me in the location of your choice – creating, crafting and coaching your Word Magic onto the page.

In a deep-dive day-long session, we’ll craft copy you most desire – websites, email funnels, speeches, book proposals, and even your book.

You’ll walk away renewed and ready to write – with ease – knowing Quantum Copy Revolution (and I) have your back!


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magic word quiz
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It’s a FREAKIN’ FREE QUIZ, y’all!

The ONE WORD Your Client Needs To Hear to Convert

Words are like magic to our ears. When someone speaks our language, we feel connected, seen and valued. It’s the secret to making sure your copy connects and instantly converts.