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Discover how the Quantum Copy Method changes everything…

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For big ideas that can’t wait
quantum copywriting method

My mission is to challenge the status quo and write ethical ‘pleasure principle’ copy that highly converts because your client lights up with the possibility of partnering with you.

Copy that’s magically complete in 2-days, not months.
Your big ideas move fast. So do I.

Copy you can relate to and connect with:


‘Someday’ turns into never mighty quick. If writing a book is on your bucketlist, it’s time we made it part of your CV instead.

I’ve been the ghost behind the keyboard of several NYTimes Bestselling books, crafting stories that don’t just connect – they sell.

I specialize in personal development, coaching, business and legacy books.

It’s time your expertise was written down… so it lasts forever.

Someday is today.

Writer Coaching

Unleash the book within utilizing the Quantum Copy Method and NYTimes Bestselling Ghostwriter as your Coach.

Marvel at your words across the page as you write your book in just 90-days.

Perfect for the self-published or those seeking a Publisher. The process includes not just writing but guidance on publishing, marketing and promoting your written work.

Quantum Copy VIP DAY

Unlock the (writer’s) block within with Quantum Copy Method taught 1:1 at a location of your choosing. Best done in person, this is part Coach, part Teacher, part Copywriter for the best of it all.

In a deep-dive day-long session, we’ll craft copy you most desire – websites, email funnels, speeches, book proposals and planning.

You’ll walk away renewed and ready to write – with ease – knowing the science and spirit of the craft.


Copy magic used by

Free training!
Copy for coaches
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Copy For Coaches

You can’t change lives if the people who need you most can’t find you. Let’s change that. 

Copy For Coaches will help you master the principles of my proven Quantum Copy Method so you can attract the right clients with brilliant offers that actually make you $$$. 

Grab your on-demand Video Training today!