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Ever pick up a book and just read it transfixed by the plot, the characters, the story?

It’s a book you can’t wait to finish but dread finishing in the same breath.

The book that’s worn edges, possibly a coffee stain (or several), and looks like an old favourite because you carry it… everywhere. It’s so well traveled, in fact, it should have it’s own passport!

It’s the “just another minute” book that stops time and suddenly you wonder just where the last several hours have gone because your head was most definitely lost in a book.

That’s a supercharged book!

Behind every book is a Storyteller

What’s your story?

Every single human being has a story inside of them just waiting to be unleashed on the page. For many it’s a bucket list dream to have their own book. Your story is the blueprint for someone else. It’s time to share it with the world.

Let’s Change The World...
One Story at a Time.


Ghostwriting is for anyone who’s ever had a story to share but needed an expert to help craft the sentences their mind and heart play on repeat.

That’s my job.

I’ve been the ghost behind the keyboard strokes of several NYTimes Bestselling Authors crafting stories that don’t just sell - they connect.

I specialize in personal development/coaching, business books and legacy books.

Book Writing Coach

Working with a Writing Coach can exponentially speed up the process AND allow you to do it with ease.

My process is 90-days from Discovery to finished manuscript ready for editing and to be shopped to publishers or self-published.

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