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The Cheat Code for Copy That Converts…


Vive la Revolution for Crafting Irresistible Copy… for people who like (and yes, even love) copy!

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Crack the Copy Code for yourself

Discover the irresistible copy that your clients crave...

and you actually have fun writing

This is only for people who are:

Quantum Copy Revolution is here to crack the code!
Like or even LOVE writing copy? (Already a copy badass?)

Take your copy to new heights

You are already brilliant at what you do.
But, you can’t help people if they never even know you exist, am I right?!?

Quantum Copy Revolution is the way to generate sales without selling your soul.

AI is awesome but it will never ever crack the code of humanity

(aka the fuel to financial wealth)

This, my dear one, isn’t computer-speak trite that Google loathes, and everyone knows you didn’t write. 8,007 emojis is a dead giveaway, Brenda!

Sure, you can use AI but would you want a toaster doing your taxes? AI is learning and growing but there’s one thing it cannot replicate and that’s deep human connection… the kind that sends shivers down our spine and makes us whip out our wallets.

Listen, I know you’re using it (good! You should!) but Quantum Copy Revolution is the insider track to taking what AI outputs and making it… human (aka money-generatingly badass words your clients actually love). When you know QCR, you’ll understand the belief systems and personality types that align fully with language so “YES” becomes a no-brainer, fully-aligned, absolute “HECK YES” from your best. clients. ever. 

Quantum Copy Revolution is the human-connection method your copy needs in order to feel that pull to purchase emotion that computer-generated copy just doesn’t understand.

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Crystal’s Quantum Copy Revolution sold out my retreat in under 30-days. What had taken me literal weeks to craft and wasn’t converting for months, she whipped up with ease and in full alignment of exactly who I wanted to be there. Her copy sold this retreat. It’s now became a catalyst for my career and I couldn’t have done it without QCR.


Meet your Quantum Copy guide

Hi, I’m Crystal

Word Magician, Story Supercharger, Copywriter, multiple NYT bestselling Ghostwriter and creator of the Quantum Copy Revolution… because writing is a skill that everyone who runs a business has to have, pay for or perish without. 

It took me over 20 years to reverse engineer the Quantum Copy Revolution for clients who’s copy consistently sells out events, makes them NYT bestsellers, and nurtures their audiences into $1M+ in sales… all from an email funnel.

With QCR, you can tap in, turn on and tantalize your customers… without one sleazy selfie or bully-tactic in sight. Instead, you’ll learn how to inspire, excite and captivate with pleasure and delight.  The hallmarks of Quantum Copy Revolution.

Write on!


Become your own sales superstar, writing supernova and content curator.

When we know who we are, who are clients are and who are businesses are – copy feels deeply connected, aligned, authentic… and easy. If you’ve always wanted to be deeply understood in a way you’ve never been before – welcome to QCR.

Unlock your earning potential, catalyze your sales and discover the root cause of your clients resistance to working with you all while transforming their hesitation into jubilation and yes… sales. Lots and lots and lots of sales.

QCM is the only copy method available that doesn’t just teach copy principles

It teaches human behaviour, human connection, identity and gives you the precise language to call in your dream clients.

If you're:

Don’t Miss Out!

Discover how with Quantum Copy Revolution you can:

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Write Like a Gifted Genius

Tap into the language of your audience to convert with ease.

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Connect on a Deeper Identity Level

Craft copy that resonates with your audience’s hearts and minds.

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Skyrocket Your Client Conversions

Turn casual visitors into raving customers and command a bigger audience.

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Ground Into Authentic Marketing

Say farewell to sleazy tactics and hello to genuine connection.

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Stand Out in the Crowd

Make sure your voice is heard in the noisy world of online content.

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Make Millions With Word Magic

Unlock the secret sales personality type that opens wallets and makes you a booked-out badass.

Why Quantum Copy Revolution:

QCR covers it all – websites, email funnels, landing pages, social media, books, blogs, and even those heartfelt love letters. No sleazy tactics or bro-marketing BS here. Instead, I’ll teach you how to inspire, excite, and captivate with words. Quantum Copy Revolution is your ticket to captivating copy, minus the cheesy emojis.

Discover what your VALUE says about you and your offers. Then, how to convey that to your clients.
Reveal what truly matters for you, your client and your business so that you become life-proof and can weather anything the world throws your way.

Using the lost art of love letters, you’ll unlock the secret grail of making everyone from clients to colleagues fall madly in love with you… it just takes some LOVE LETTER LANGUAGING.

Acknowledge the BELIEFS holding your clients (and yourself!) back from saying “yes” to you and writing a big fat cheque as proof.
Learn to lean in to what makes your client tick and how to speak the language of connection by choosing words that align deeply with who they are, what and why they buy.

Dive deep into the sneaky SHADOWS preventing your best clients from finding you (and what to do about it).
Reveal the hidden GIFTS and blessings that become their personality superpower and your key to working with the right humans.

Learn to sell to anyone based on their SALES PERSONALITY TYPE.
Unlock the decision-making and purchase-superpowers that make sales calls fun, fabulous and immediate consistent “sign me up!” statement makers.

And, we all LOVE a BONUS!

Find and break the MONEY BLOCKS hidden inside your copy!
Discover how to amplify your message while commanding more money… and getting it!

Perfect your ELEVATOR PITCH that becomes a calling card for banking big bucks.

And, because I’m totally extra (and you’re going to use it anyways so I might as well show you the best way possible)….

The step-by-step prompts you need to know to optimize your AI and maximize the output making AI your partner in content creating and your very own copy writing EASY BUTTON!

You’ve been writing copy that works… what if we made it work even better?

QCR is your cheat code to making your copy a converting, catalyzing, connecting machine.

This isn’t another copy course you’ll never use… this is QCR.
Vive la Copy Revolution!

Quantum Copy Revolution

$199 USD