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Writers Retreats

A sexy AF Book Writing Retreat so you can stop telling everyone you want to write a book…

and actually DO IT!
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writing retreats

Spend a long-weekend writing the book you’ve been dreaming about forever.

Experience the most intimate, hands-on, start-to-finish writing experience for any writer working on a badass bestseller of their very own. Share your wisdom and expertise in a book that firmly puts you centrestage as an expert and authority!


2023 Schedule

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Sept 7 - 10


Oct 12 - 15

new zealand

Nov 30 - Dec 3

$2500 USD

Includes your accommodations, basic meals & snacks, workshops and at-retreat 1:1 sessions with Crystal.

It’s time to indulge your writing fantasy!

(glasses and tight bun optional but encouraged)

Writing retreats are an authors secret-weapon to getting the focus and clarity a bestselling book requires.
Whether this is your very own eat-pray-love moment or just an adventure to checkmark off your bucketlist – nobody has ever regretted writing a book.

If you’ve ever:

This retreat is for YOU!

This is the ONLY Book Writing Retreat taught by a NYTimes Bestselling Ghostwriter & Copywriter that takes you from brilliant book idea to writing it (finally!) and getting it out there with a marketing strategy that actually works!

We’ve got a long-weekend to take you from ideation to masterpiece

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Take your idea and turn it into a masterpiece.

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Tools, tricks and time-hacks to make your process smooth and simple.

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Publish & Promote:

The “what’s next” that new Writers fail to execute like a pro. 

**note: While, I wish I could guarantee a finished book in a weekend – for most –  it’s just not likely. However, you will walk away with the knowledge, know-how, and plan to finish, publish and sell your brilliant book.**

Hey Writer! I’m Crystal.

NYTimes bestselling ghostwriter, copywriter and event pro (so you know we’re going to have a blast)

My very first bestseller was a happy accident that ended in dog food (I’ll tell you more at the retreat). I had to work incredibly hard to learn everything I did by trial-and-error along the way.

Now, I have multiple bestsellers under my belt, a waitlist of incredible people I write for and with, and a dream to see more people, just like YOU, ✅ Write a Book from their bucket lists!

Writing a bestseller has never been more accessible (note: I did NOT say easy)! But the possibilities are endless. Through my experience, and stories, I’ll share with you my very own proven methods for writing, publishing and creating a bestseller that puts you in the spotlight as a badass business pro, speaker, educator and author. I cannot wait to see your bestselling book on shelves soon!


What to expect

Every retreat is handpicked to be effortlessly chic, inspiring and lowkey. Perfect for a Writer to focus and create. This is about you and the page. Unlocking and supercharging the story inside of you.

This is an intimate retreat dedicated to those who want to stop saying “I want to write a book” and actually do it. Space is extremely limited to maintain the intimacy and privacy of those writing.

While Writers Retreats are hosted across the globe, each experience follows similar timelines with bonus special experiences in every location to encourage and inspire your writing!

Thursday PM

Arrival & creative booster session


Strategy planning


Writing & individual 1:1 time with Crystal

Sunday AM

Publishing options & marketing plans for your bestseller!

Pop the Bubbles, y’all!

Never before in our history has creating intellectual property (IP) been so valuable. This is your words, vision and ideas collectively put into a format for mass-consumption, growth and development.

Your IP can change the world… if you’d only write it down so it can be shared.

Write the book that puts you on stages, between pages, and leaves a legacy you are proud of.