Word Magic

A book writing experience for new and established writers to craft, create and write in some of the world’s most gorgeous spaces and places
with a multiple NYT bestselling ghostwriter as your guide.
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International writers retreats
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Say goodbye to just daydreaming about your book and hello to actually making it happen.
Let's bring that book to life, shall we?


Picture this: Handcrafted meals that tickle your taste buds, accommodations so cozy and spacious they’re like a creative cocoon, and a sprinkle of curiosity to make your creativity sparkle like a supernova. Rest assured, we’re all about creating an environment that nurtures your genius and lets those words flow effortlessly onto the page.

Ready to Write Your Story?
Join us for a creative adventure!
Indulge Your Writing Fantasy! Glasses and tight buns are optional but encouraged (especially for the dudes!)

My MISSION: Help YOU launch your bestselling book

(Just like these fab authors)
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What others are saying

Unleash the Book Within!

Picture this: A writer’s getaway dedicated to birthing your masterpiece. A retreat so intimate and hands-on, it’s like the VIP backstage pass to Authorhood.

Ever dreamed of being that effortlessly chic author typing away in a picturesque location, creating literary magic?

Well, darlings, this is your eat-pray-love moment!

Whether you’re ready to conquer the world or just check a major item off your bucket list, a book is waiting inside you.

These writing experiences may be for YOU if you've ever:

It’s time to shake off those doubts, grab your metaphorical quill, and pen your legacy – you Author, you!

Introducing (me!) Crystal,

Your Book Guru!

NYTimes bestselling ghostwriter, copywriter, and event host extraordinaire—because let’s make this journey a blast! From being paid in dog food for my first NYT bestseller to now commanding 5 and 6 figures for books, I’ve birthed more than my fair share of bestsellers. Now, it’s my mission to guide incredible people like YOU to tick ‘Write a Book’ off their bucket lists!

Make Your Words Roar

(now with OR WITHOUT lions)


An 8-day trek just for writers into Africa, where we’ll experience luxury lodging, fine dining and animal magic as we spend days scanning Kruger National Park to inspire our creative flow and writing fireside in the evenings with even more adventurous chapters.

This is the ultimate writer’s experience for authors seeking a road-less-travelled experience in crafting their book. Write with a NYT bestselling ghostwriter in places and on adventures that inspire her… and will surely inspire you too.

Pricing starts at $12K USD.

Write With Me: Create-cation Experience ($3500USD)

Unlockthe power of dedicated "me time" to create, learn and write your very own novel. Whether an established writer or a first-timer, you'll feel inspired and empowered to make your dream book a reality.

Pender Island, BC, Canada - May 16-19, 2024
Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK - July 18-21, 2024
Christchurch, South Island, NZ - Nov 28-Dec 1, 2024

Price includes accommodations, basic meals, and coaching.
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