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Make This The Year You FINISH Your F*cking Book


The yummy space where dream vacays meet dream creations (mostly in book writing format).
***also known as a Book Writer’s Retreat in far-flung dream destinations.

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International writers retreats
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First, we Create-cation. Then, I coach you to Authordom

in only 12-weeks

Tofino, BC, Canada

May 16-19

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

July 18-21

Cape Town, South Africa

Sept 19-26

Christchurch, South Island, NZ

Nov 28-Dec 1
Morgan Lee author review

Morgan Lee

If you’d have told me that Crystal could transform my book writing dream into a reality in only 3-months, I would’ve laughed. But, she’s done it! Word Magic indeed! Now I’m selling out global speaking engagements with my book and known as a voice of change in my Industry. I couldn’t have done it without her.

This Is Your Wake-Up Call, Writer

Time’s relentless march waits for no one. Those ideas you’ve been daydreaming, the legacy you’re meant to leave behind? When you haven’t even picked up a pen… am I right?

Every moment spent in hesitation is a stroke of genius lost, a legacy unclaimed, a dream unbuilt.

Feel That?

It's the Weight of Unwritten Words

You’ve watched years slip by, your kids (fur or human) growing faster than your progress on that book. What you’ve lived, learned, and earned—the world needs it, craves it. But here you are, sitting on a goldmine of experience, letting it gather dust.

It’s time we take that gold to the page, my friend

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What’s Is This Book Writing Retreat Costing You?

Every day without your book is a missed opportunity. A chance to lead, to inspire, to be an expert in your field—wasted. Your lessons and legacies are the blueprint someone out there is desperately seeking to transform their life, their career.

But you already know this. And it’s eating at you.

Here’s What Happens When You Do It:

To those unafraid to seize their destiny, listen up. This is exclusively for people who operate with relentless drive who refuse to let their stories remain untold. For the badass humans who are ready to immortalize their journey.

90 Days. 12 Weeks. 3 Months.

That's all it takes

Commit to your writing, to the relentless pursuit of greatness, and watch as your book – your legacy – is released into the world in as little as 3 months. Guaranteed.
**as long as you do the work!

We start with a Create-cation (a dream book writing retreat) to strategize your masterpiece, then for 12 weeks, I walk beside you, coaching along the way, making sure your manuscript comes to life.

Don’t be the one who looks back with regret on what could have been.
Be the one who did it.

Are you too damn tired of not giving the world your story? Good.

Let’s turn that frustration into fuel. Your legacy isn’t going to write itself. But together, we’ll ensure it roars to life, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Ready to Become Unforgettable?

This is not for the excuse-queens (or kings). This is not for people who say they want it but aren’t willing to put in the work. It’s for the Badasses ready to write their legacy in stone (or in this case… a book).

My MISSION: Help YOU launch your bestselling book

(Just like these fab authors)

Dare to Dream. Dare to Write.

Luxury Writing Retreats, I call Create-cations, crafted for the bold, the brave, and the unstoppable. For those who want to leave their mark on the world.

copywriter and ghostwriter

The 2-Step 12 Weeks to Publish Plan

Sabrina Suarez book retreat review

Sabrina Suarez

It works. That’s all I need to say. 90-days to book writing magic. I had this book idea, had no idea how to write it, and definitely didn’t think I could do it in 3-months. And I did! It’ll be on shelves next month!

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Writer's Safari & 12-week Book Coaching

Cape Town, South Africa - Sept 19-26
$15K USD
Embark on an 8-day odyssey into the heart of Africa. Luxuriate in the wild, let nature’s untamed beauty fuel your creativity, and craft your book by the fireside under a starlit sky. This is part safari, part create-cation where you’ll blend the two into a magical mix sure to inspire.

5 days safari + 3 days Create-cation = Word Magic with a ROAR!
Lions Don’t Wait For Anyone...

Create-cation Experience & 12-Week Book Coaching

$7997 USD

Dedicate time to your craft in the world’s most inspiring locales. Get inspired in the places JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, and Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings. Find your space, your story, and your tribe.

Thurs PM – Arrival & Creative Opening
Fri – Storytelling Workshops, Writing Frameworks & Strategy
Sat – Writing Time & 1:1 Sessions
Sun AM – Publishing & Marketing Workshop & Lunchtime Departure

Tofino, BC, Canada

May 16-19
Homebase. This is where I write, inspired by the ocean and nature. Come take a walk on sacred land and feel your story rise within you. A perfect base for exploration, inspiration and a whole lot of writing create-cation!

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

July 18-21
Discover Edinburgh's living storybook, where a historic castle, a labyrinth of cobbled streets, and mysterious closes beckon. Revel in the laughter of the Gaelic amidst Scotland’s finest pubs and people.

Christchurch, South Island, NZ

Nov 28-Dec 1
Dilly-dally the day away with Kiwi hospitality, charm and cheekiness as we opt to write from New Zealand’s gallant shores. My favorite place in the whole world will be yours to discover as you uncover the story inside.

Time’s ticking. The moment is now.

This Isn’t Just a Writer’s Retreat

It’s a Writer’s Revolution!

You’ve tasted success, stood in the spotlight, and lived through incredible things. There’s a story within you, untold. A legacy unclaimed.

Are you ready to change that?

For The Fence-sitters & Naysayers

Studies show that only 3% of people who start writing their books ever complete them. And, those who use a Book Coach are far more likely to finish than those who do not.

Just Ask Peter:

Peter spent 5 years+ working on his manuscript, writing, re-writing and getting caught up in the art of creating but never finishing (it’s a writer’s circle you don’t want to be part of). Until, he hired me as his Book Coach. We distilled down the messaging, rearranged the format, and finally wrote the book! What had been years in the making took mere months!

Peter Merrett author review

Peter Merret

Crystal has been the highlight of my book writing experience. She has a way of creating that truly feels magical. I looked so forward to our calls, I may need to keep writing books. Just magic!

Meet Your Catalyst:

Crystal Adair-Benning

Not Your Average Mentor

A journey from dog food payments for NYT bestsellers to commanding the literary world. I’m here to push, prod, and propel you from dreaming to doing.

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The Word Magic Package

Over $20,000 in Value!

Expert workshops, 12-weeks of personalized coaching, serene accommodations, and a community of driven individuals like you – all crafted to see you through to your book’s release.