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Co-create a Copy & Marketing Win*Win

Every once in a while, an offer comes along that’s so irresistible it barely feels real. This is one of those times, but don’t bruise yourself with all the pinches… 

this is not a dream!


QCM supercharges your copy in only 5-hours of pre-recorded videos, activities and workbook creating brilliant new copy for your business that has Stripe on speed-dial and your bank extending credit.

Marketing Magic drip-feeds you QCM marketing and copy wisdom and accountability to make sure you’re taking incremental steps weekly towards your private plane and Cristal popping dreams, my friends!

So, here’s the basics...

Because neither of us wants to waste time or an opportunity to amplify our peoples messaging, marketing and money-making… am I right?

That, my non-math loving pals, is 15%!!! Just for sending some emails, private messages or promoting on your socials.

If your people use your link to say “I’m In!” I’ll send you cashola. Ka-ching! 

WORD Magic is for rebels, misfits and world-changing humans

looking to streamline, create and build their businesses

It is best for solopreneurs (especially coaches!) small businesses and teams looking to maximize their learning either supercharged (QCM) or piece-by-piece (Marketing Magic) so it stays fresh, fun and bank-able every single week.

COPY WRITTEN WITH QCM instantly sees your consistency & conversion rates increase without the 'ICK' of Bro Marketing.

Affiliates are proudly telling their audience that their copy is ethical, attractive and damn good at making money.

Whether you wade in the shallows of Marketing Magic or dive deep with QCM you’re saying ‘yes’ to copy that connects, converts and catalyzes conversation AND you can feel good about it!

Affiliate Checklist

You’re probably here because:
a) you love me already (awwww shucks!)
b) you love money (yes, Queen/King!)
c) both… total G.O.A.T.!

Beyond the obvious, let’s talk about who makes a great affiliate:

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