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The Tale of Amy, Avril, and the Magical New Zealand Writers Retreat

One of my favorite kiwi-slang phrases is to “spin you a yarn” and boy do I have one to share!

It all starts in the otherworldly landscape of Queenstown, New Zealand (my fave place!), and centers around two very different writers, Amy and Avril. This isn’t just any story; it’s a tale of transformation, laughter, and a bit of writerly wizardry.

My favorite kind of yarn…

A Bestselling Author and an Aspiring Star Walk into a Writers Retreat…

Imagine the most picturesque setting you can – mountains that touch the sky, air so fresh it sparkles, and the kind of quiet where you can almost hear the whispers of your own stories begging to be written. We also happened to be in an outrageously gorgeous home called The Gucci House. Perfection! This is where our protagonists, Amy and Avril, find themselves, thanks to a twist of fate and a burning desire to write.

Amy is a spunky speaker with dreams as vast as the New Zealand skies. We met a couple of years ago, thanks to an event in Fiji and she’s always wanted to become a bestselling author.

Avril, already a literary star, arrives dressed head to toe in designer, her gorgeous bright glasses sparkling in the kiwi summer sunshine seeking to breathe new life into her writing process.

Both arrive with hopes high, pens, notepads and laptops ready. But little do they know they’re about to embark on a journey that’ll change their writing and their lives, forever.

The Belief Bubble Bursts

As the retreat unfolds against a backdrop of stunning Queenstown beauty, Amy discovers something called the “Belief Bubble” system. Imagine watching someone who’s just found the secret passage in a labyrinth; that’s Amy. She’s all wide eyes and frantic note-taking as she learns how to write copy that doesn’t just speak to people – it sings, it dances, it connects on a level so deep it’s practically quantum.

“You mean I can actually write like that?” Amy gasps, the revelation hitting her like a fine New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

“Yes, and better,” I reply, winking. “Welcome to the Quantum Copy Revolution.”

Avril’s Strategy Overhaul

Meanwhile, Avril, with her accolades and a writing process more complicated than a Lord of the Rings plot twist, sits down to learn a new strategy. Twelve pages of strategy, plus weeks, if not months, of toiling away in her writer’s room—it’s always been her way. But then, she’s introduced to a method so simple, so strategic, she can scarcely believe her luck.

“Hours… I’ve done it in hours!” she exclaims, her usual composed self thrown off-kilter by the efficiency of it all. “This is… this is magic!”

“Not magic, dear Avril,” I say, a smile playing at the corners of my lips. “Just a good, solid strategy that gets you into your IP straight away.”

Avril is gobsmacked. Years of writing time, now potentially distilled into mere months. Ninety days from strategy to manuscript, to be precise.

The Pub Revelation

Our intrepid authors, post-retreat, sitting around The Gucci House dining room table, a well-earned beverage in hand to celebrate. The air is rich with the scent of adventure and the buzz of newfound creativity.

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about writing,” Avril muses, her gaze lost in the depths of her coffee cup. “But this… this retreat has been an eye-opener.”

Amy, ever the dreamer, leans in, her voice a conspiratorial whisper. “I came here thinking I’d learn a thing or two about writing. I never imagined I’d leave with a whole new understanding of myself, my creativity, and how to connect with my future readers on a level I didn’t know existed.”

Both agree, their journey with the retreat—and as the my protégés—they’ve only just begun. They’re not just writers; they’re creators, storytellers capable of magic.

The Invitation

So, to you,, sitting there with your dreams of writing a book, wondering if it’s possible, if you’re capable, let Amy and Avril’s story be your siren call. My Writer’s Retreats & Create-cations aren’t just a place to write; it’s where your writer’s soul will find its home, where belief bubbles burst and quantum connections are made.

If you’re ready to transform your writing and perhaps discover a bit of magic within yourself, then there’s a seat at the table waiting for you. Because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want their writing journey to include a bit of New Zealand magic? Or Vancouver Island… Or Scotland… Or Africa… 

Join me, and let your story unfold.

Crystal Adair-Benning

Crystal Adair-Benning is the Word Magician, Story Supercharger, Copywriter & Ghostwriter for rebels, misfits and world-changing humans. She is best known for being not known at all. A secret weapon amongst successful entrepreneurs who covet her Quantum Copy Method – combining the science of writing with the spirituality of creativity. A multiple NYTimes Bestselling ghostwriter and former highly sought-after luxury event planner, Crystal finds joy in being an Intuitive Creative digital nomad – free to explore the globe with her husband, dog and laptop.

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