The Deep Soul Upleveling of Book Writing

Rarely talked about… the elusive Dark Night of the Writer’s Soul. The writing of a book can need a Coach to support you in bringing the dark into the light. This isn’t about trauma, it’s about acknowledging and reckoning yourself. Write on!

How To Write a Book: The Easy Way

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book but struggled with “it’s too hard” this guide is for you. 7 steps to writing a book.

Improve Your Grammar: The Easy Way

All you Rebels, Misfits and World-Changing Humans who are writing your own copy (and who isn’t because even with a Copywriter, you’ve still got things to write) – this one is absolutely for you.

Content Curators: Inside Scoop

Content Curators

Copy doesn’t always come easy to people. In fact, in recent studies, it’s been shown that copywriting is one of the most effective tools we have for marketing and the one most of us don’t learn or master.

Quantum Copy Word Magic for the Moon Maven, Kady Romanguolo

Spiritual copywriting

Using Quantum Copy Method, I worked with Kady to recognize the alignment inside of herself and within her clients in claiming this title and owning it. Once she did – magic took over and kablam! Her Coaching shifted into ultra-high gear.

Words Have Energy… And I Can Prove It

Words have energy

I was always taught that everything around us has energy – the plants, the table, my laptop, the book, myself. We’re all made of energy and at every single moment we have a vibrational frequency that makes us attractive to some things and repellent to others.