answerthepublic – A Tool That Reveals Your Clients’ Googling Habits

There are so many brilliant tools and apps now on the market to make your copywriting journey a success. Oh, how I wish, so many of these had been around in the early days of my career… but I digress.

One of my favourite go-to tools for uncovering exactly what my clients (and yours) are Googling is

Answer The Public

The tool is completely free (with a maximum usage per day) where you can plug in a search term and explore what the wild, wild, internet is searching about that term.

You’ll uncover gems like “what is a Copywriter?”, “How much do Copywriters make?”, “Where can I find a Life Coach?”, “What is Word Magic?”, “How do I know a Coach is qualified?”, etc.

And, WHY, would you want to know all this?



By checking what real people are Googling about a search term, you’ll have hundreds of publishing ideas for books, blogs, social posts, Tiktoks and even programs/products you may want to offer.

It’s a veritable gold mine of ideas based on a search term.

Happy searching!

Crystal Adair-Benning

Crystal Adair-Benning is the Word Magician, Story Supercharger, Copywriter & Ghostwriter for rebels, misfits and world-changing humans. She is best known for being not known at all. A secret weapon amongst successful entrepreneurs who covet her Quantum Copy Method – combining the science of writing with the spirituality of creativity. A multiple NYTimes Bestselling ghostwriter and former highly sought-after luxury event planner, Crystal finds joy in being an Intuitive Creative digital nomad – free to explore the globe with her husband, dog and laptop.

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