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Find joy in writing copy - knowing what to say and how to say it (without sounding like an AI robot). You feel me?

Content Curators is a bi-weekly Copy Advisory Sesh with yours truly to workshop your very own copy and whip it into Word Magic. 

WM_Brand Mark_Sparkle_White on Transparent
WM_Brand Mark_Sparkle_White on Transparent

My hair’s so big because it holds so many secrets...

For Real!

I’ve spent decades writing copy that didn’t convert, kinda converted, and then finally converted like a bullet train.

See, good copy isn’t hard... but great copy?
Takes a lot of practice.

What can I say? When you’re on 🔥 you just gotta get it out!

What I spent a major part of my lifetime developing, the science meets spirituality of crafting copy or Quantum Copy Method inside my membership-driven program Content Curators.

Twice a month you’ll learn by actually workshopping your copy with me and whipping it into shape. Learn the tools to refine, edit, and create powerful copy yourself!

Once and for all, I am swinging the doors wide on the topics nobody talks about but make all the difference in how you write, what you write and more importantly, how that writing actually converts into real clients.

Nobody wants to read 💩 copy

So, I’m launching something I NEVER thought I would practically give away.

My wisdom. My wildly powerful copy wisdom. 
It’s all yours.

Together, we’ll make sure that your copy connects and converts like you always dreamed.

Whatever your story is...
the way you tell it makes all the difference.

Crystal writer

Here’s the skinny-dip version of what you’ll get:

And, because I loooooooove a Bonus…

But, I’m straight up a weeeeeee bit over the top

(so my Momma tells me and a research poll agreed), so you should also expect: